A tool for emulating multiple virtual CD/DVD drives on your system
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You have probably faced the need to mount a disc image file (e.g. an ISO file) as a virtual CD/DVD on your PC, either because it didn't have a physical drive or simply because you didn't want to burn the disc image file on a blank disc first. In any of those situations, a program like VirtualDVD comes in handy as it allows you to emulate multiple virtual CD/DVD drives on your system, in a really fast and easy way.

Except for the "Configuration" and the "About" windows, the program doesn't include a traditional user interface, as it is simply not required. Instead of it, the program installs an icon on your system tray which, in turn, display a simple menu that allows you to mount or unmount a disc image file with just a couple of clicks. When mounting it, a file selection dialog is launched for you to select the file, and then it is automatically mounted on a new virtual drive. VirtualDVD supports 14 disc image formats including the well-known ISO, BIN, CUE, IMG, CDI and NRG, as well as other not very popular ones like CDSpace6 (LCD), a format that seems to be supported by very few programs of this type.

Finally, I will mention that the program's language can be rotated among 25 popular options, and you can also adjust the number of active virtual drives, all of that in the configuration window that you can access through the program's menu. In conclusion, considering this is a free tool I would say it performs its job very well. The program is suitable both for beginners and experienced users, and it uses very low system resources.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Emulates as many virtual drives on your system as you may need
  • Provides all its functionality through a simple icon on the system tray
  • Mounts and unmounts a disc image file with just a couple of clicks
  • Supports a very good number of disc image formats including LCD
  • Supports 25 popular languages
  • Uses very low system resources


  • Doesn't support a dynamic number of virtual drives
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