VirtualDVD 8.5

Load image files of optical discs on a virtual DVD drive
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VirtualDVD is intended to emulate DVD drives. Fortunately, the tool is quite light and uses few system resources so it does not interfere with the normal performance of your machine. It supports creating up to 24 virtual drives to which you can mount image files. In this respect, it is good to know that it supports an impressive list of formats, including not only ISO but also CCD, BIN, CUE, IMG, BWT, B5T, B6T, MDS, MDF, MDX, CDI, PDI, ISZ, NRG, DVD, and LCD.

The program can be set to run automatically on startup and run from the system tray. There is an icon on which you can click to access a small menu that allows you to set the number of desired drives and mount images to them. When you have finished using a given drive, you can unmount the corresponding file via the program’s menu or the Eject command from the file manager. Unfortunately, the tool is not fully integrated with the system as it is not allowed to mount an image directly from Windows Explorer.

All in all, VirtualDVD can come in handy if your computer does not have a physical disc reader. Likewise, it lets you mount various disc images simultaneously. However, you should know that modern Windows version support mounting various types of disc images as virtual drives, which can make VirtualDVD unnecessary. Unfortunately, the icon in the tray stopped responding several times while I was using this product. That makes me think the version being reviewed is unstable.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates up to 24 virtual drives
  • Supports a long list of image formats
  • Quite light and easy to use


  • Does not allow mounting images from Windows Explorer
  • Stopped responding while being used
  • Can be unnecessary if you are using a modern Windows version
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